Family Health Options is pleased to offer a range of quality supplements and thoughtful gift baskets. All items are available for purchase at the clinic.

Ultra Preventative X

A comprehensive, highly concentrated vitamin-mineral. Daily supplement in a gluten free capsule. Ultra Preventative X is carefully formulated to provide the essential nutrients for optimal health, including high levels of anti-oxidants. Our Ultra Preventive X was rated No.1 in Canada.

Features Ultra Preventative X

A unique multivitamin/mineral with additional whole food/green food base of over 25 fruits, vegetables and herbs.

•High antioxidant levels
•Nutritional Support
•4-5 servings of fruit and vegetable content
•Suggested use: 8 tablets daily or as directed

Why should I take a multi-vitamin?

Studies show that a high percentage of North American adults eat less than the daily allowance of 10 or more essential nutrients. A multi-vitamin helps us to maintain good health, provides dietary management of the body’s structures and optimum functioning of its various systems including the immune and gastrointestinal systems.

What are Anti-Oxidants?

“Antioxidant” is a classification of several organic substances, including vitamins C and E, vitamin A (which is converted from betacarotene), selenium (a mineral), and a group known as the carotenoids. Together as antioxidant, these substances are thought to be effective in helping to prevent cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

Glucosamine – MSM Forte

A naturally occurring substance that provides building blocks for joint maintenance and repair. Combined with MSM, this formula also helps to maintain immune response, lung function and muscle contraction.

How does Glucosamine Work?

Glucosamine is a simple molecule that the body uses to create more complex molecules that are used to build cartilage. Although the body does produce small amounts of glucosamine, research indicates that supplemental doses are more effective than the amount produced by the body.

Why should I take Glucosamine – MSM?

With normal wear & tear (ie walking, running, jumping, bending, moving) and also with aging, cartilage can wear away, leaving no protection from bone on bone friction. This can lead to inflammation of the surrounding tissues, causing pain, stiffness and even swelling in the joint region. Glucosamine can be used to prevent cartilage damage by working to build and strengthen new cartilage. Glucosamine is also used to speed the healing of joint injuries such as an ankle sprain.

Cal-6 + Mag

A special complex of 6 sources of Calcium and Magnesium designed to assist the body in maintaining bone structure.

Features Cal-6 + Mag

  • 2:1 Calcium/Magnesium ratio
  • Young women and girls benefit for proper bone mass
  • Children with growing pains benefit
  • Suggested use: 3 capsules/day