Access Consciousness Bars with Lyndsey

What are Bars?

There are 32 Bars of energy that run through and around your head. Each one relates to a different area of your life such as money, hopes and dreams, creativity, inner peace, body, and so on.

Each Bar stores the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that you have ever had.

With each Bar pertaining to a different aspect in your life, having your Bars run can eliminate limitations and create room for new possibilities.

The Benefits of Having Your Bars Run

Having a full session can have so many profound and wonderful effects including, but not limited to;

  • Elimination of aches, pains, and stiffness in the body
  • Improved sleep
  • Eliminations of insomnia
  • Reduced stress
  • A quieter mind with less “chatter”
  • Find clarity and calm
  • Increased energy
  • Elimination of phobias
  • Freedom from depression
  • Melt emotional overwhelm and anxiety
  • Helps with Autism, ADD, and ADHD
  • Minimizes effects of aging
  • Unlock creativity
  • Money flows
  • Healthier, happier relationships
  • Ease with testing and exams
  • It can even help with weight-loss and body image
  • So many more possibilities

Fees for Bars

AGE TIME Initial Visit Cost  Subsequent Visit Cost
Children 13 and under 30mins $45.00 $45.00
Students 14 and up

With proof of student card



$60.00 $60.00
Adults 60mins $42.50 $85.00
Adults 14 and up 90mins $85.00 $110.00


Package Deal

6 x 60 Minute Sessions prepaid for $420. Savings of $90.00.


Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift

The Facelift is an amazing process which can reverse the appearance of aging on the face and create similar effects throughout the body.

While receiving an Access Energetic Facelift, many different energies are applied to the body and face and there are many possibilities to discover of what can be released.

The gentle, soothing touch applied to your face and neck works with your body’s composition to restore, enliven, and rejuvenate targeted cells.

The Access Consciousness Facelift differs from other facelift alternatives as it is gentler (non-invasive), kinder, and easier on you and your body.

Fees for Facelift

60 minute Facelift Session    $50.00

60 minute Bars + Facelift Session   $85.00

Package Deal

6 x 60 Minute Facelift Sessions prepaid for $240.00. Savings of $60.00.