A Few Words About Family Health Options


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Our Mission

  • To provide the people of our community with the education and resources necessary to achieve and maintain all of their health goals.
  • To provide an environment in which all individuals are cared for in a professional and respectful manner.
  • To provide a facility for, and to stimulate communication of information, knowledge, philosophy and wisdom between health care providers of widely varying fields.

A Team Approach to Natural Health Care

Family Health Options is more than just a Chiropractic Clinic.  Our services represent a broad spectrum of health interventions, modalities, and therapies.  Each therapeutic method/technique used at Family Health Options is delivered with the intent of improving the patient’s health condition together with educating the patient about their particular state of health (or health condition).

At Family Health Options we believe that Health Education is the single most important service our doctors can provide.  Health Education empowers the patient to make better health choices daily, which results in overall better, long-term health.

At Family Health Options we do not consider ourselves in competition with other chiropractors or health care providers.  Rather, we see ourselves as providing a standard of care that we are proud of, at a rate that is both appropriate for patient needs and fiscally responsible for the practice.  We have tried to create physical facilities that are warm and inviting, yet professional in atmosphere.  We train our staff to interact professionally while performing their duties in a caring and sensitive manner.

The Chiropractors and Associates train and work towards educating others in this approach to health care.  It is the belief that a simple approach to the delivery of health care and a focus on service delivery allows Family Health Options to provide the highest quality of care possible.  This profession continues to develop as others in the field of chiropractic pursue quality care as well.  Family Health Options plans on being a pioneer, in development, of the next-generation chiropractors in Canada through its involvement in developing CMCC’s externship program.  This open practice philosophy allows chiropractic students to observe the many facets that when combined make up this profession.  The long term-goal of Family Health Options is to provide a facility, which will be beneficial in helping train chiropractors while continuing to provide a model of service and health care delivery.


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